Type 2-4 1980-92 BMW R65/80/100 
Flat-Top Brembo 36 and 38mm

Flat Top Damping Rods in BMW R65/80/100 1980 onward are a standard installation per the Gold Valve Kit Instructions. This model requires Emulator Adapters.


Drill and chamfer the compression holes per the kit instructions: quantity (6) holes total spaced axially by 10mm (7/16") at 90 degree increments.

36mm forks - 6mm (1/4") 

38mm forks - 8mm (5/16")

36mm Forks use FPEV AD3301 P adapters OR Fabricate from 3/4" PVC from the required FRSP S2643 fork spring per per the instructions below. 

38mm forks require adapter FPEV AD3507 P. There is no PVC option for this application

An Emulator Adapter as shown above must be cut to 15mm length from 3/4" PVC supplied with Fork Spring Kit FRSP S2643 Series Spring.

It is important to use a tubing cutter (or lathe) for this process to ensure the edges of the adapter are square so that the Gold Valve and Fork Spring do not cock inside the fork.

Follow the same cutting procedure for fork springs preload spacers.