"The best you've ridden is the best you know."
- Paul Thede
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Get the ride quality that you desire without breaking the bank. RT Gold Valve Shock Conversion Kits are now available for the stock shocks on the TERYX. ►More Info

"There really is only one thing to say and that is THANK YOU! "
Dan Debin, San Diego, CA.

for UTVs

Polaris Razor G3-S Custom Shocks

G3-S Custom Shocks are high-performance, custom-valved replacement units. Race Tech delivers performance and safety when you need it most. G3-S Custom Series Shocks are all hand-built to order. ►Details

Race Tech can make G3-S Custom Shocks to fit most UTVs. Call 951.279.6655


RT has exciting news for Rhino owners. We are proud to introduce our Gold Valve Conversion Kits for the OEM shocks as well as G3-S Custom Series replacement shocks. ►Get the Details.

Performance Guaranteed! Made in the USA.


Teryx on rocks with G3-S Shocks

Here is what one of our satisfied customer had to say about his newly Race Tech suspended Teryx Monster. ►Details

Many people think suspension setup is a mysterious black art. It's not!

At Race Tech you have choices:

  1. Buy Gold Valve Kits, RT Hi-Performance Springs, and Ultra Slick Suspension Fluids and install them yourself. If you get stuck call Tech Support at 951.279.6655. Hey, if you're really into it check out our ►Suspension Seminars.
  2. Send your shocks to Race Tech and we'll do the work.
  3. Have your local Race Tech Center install them.

For UTV applications call 951.279.6655.


46mm G3-S Custom Series Shock for Polaris RZR are NOW available. When your UTV requires superior suspension performance Race Tech delivers. The larger diameter 46mm Shocks provide a super plush initial ride and awesome bottoming resistance on the big stuff, the best of both worlds. ►More Pics

Suspension performance is the secret to winning! It doesn't matter if you're on the Track or Street, you will be impressed at what we can do for your bike. Guaranteed!