4. SHOCK DYNO MOUNTS for CTW and Roehrig



Fork Cartridge Bleeding Tool

TFBT 02S Instruct

Unique self-starting design easily threads onto the damping rod. Baffled so the oil runs down the rod instead of squirting out sideways.

Fits many dirt and street cartridge forks.

(Works great with TFSC 01 and TFSC 02 Spring Compressors.)

TFBT 1010   M10x1.0, M10x1.25 Add to cart
TFBT 1212   M12x1.0, M12x1.25 
Add to cart
TFBT 1014   M10x1.0, M14x1.0 Add to cart

TFBT 02S Set   (TFBT 1010, TFBT 1212) Add to cart

Fork Clicker Adjuster Tool

TFCA 01 Instruct

The Fork Compression Adjuster tool is basically a super-stubby screwdriver. It is designed to fit between the handlebar and the top of the fork tube.

TFCA 01 - Add to cart

YZF-R6 2006-16
Fork Compression Adjuster Socket

TFCA 02 Instruct

For accessing the compression valving on 2006-16 R6. Triangular shape. 3/8" drive.

TFCA 02 - Add to cart   

Fork Cartridge Holding Tools

TFCH Series - Holds cartridge during disassembly and assembly.

View ►Product Search for applications.

Item Code Fits  
TFCH 01 Most KYB and Showa 20mm cartridges Add to cart
TFCH 03 Many KYB 46 & 48mm open chamber forks Add to cart
TFCH 04A Yamaha 06- R6, 09- R1 Add to cart
TFCH 06 BPF 41 & 43mm forks Add to cart
TFCH PS24050 
WP KTM 65 Seal Head Add to cart

Big Piston Fork
Cartridge Tool

TFCH 06 Instruct

This BPF Cartridge Tool fits Showa BPF (Big Piston Forks). These tools are a "must have" for maintenance of

    12-19 CBR600RR, 12-19 CBR1000RR
   11-15 GSX-R600, 11-15 GSX-R750, 09-15 GSX-R1000
16-19 H-D XR1200CX, 10-12 H-D XR1200X
09-18 ZX-6R and 11-15 ZX-10R

TFCH 06 - Add to cart

Fork Cartridge Tool
(top of inner tube)


Used to access the valving and spring on KTM 65s.

It is possible to use a TPPS 02 Pin Spanner but this one is much more robust.

TFCH PS24050 - Add to cart

Showa TAC and
KYB Dual-Chamber
Fork Compression Tool


This is a dual-purpose tool for the Showa SFF Air TAC Fork. Also fits earlier KYB Dual Chamber Compression Caps.

It allows access to the Fork Compression Valve Assembly from the top of the cartridge. AND, by flipping it over, you can remove the Base Bolt on the bottom of the fork.

TFCT 3622 - Add to cart

WP 48mm Cone Valve
Fork Cap Assembly Tool



For maintenance of WP 48mm Cone Valve Kit Spring Fork Caps with preload adjustment. This is required for replacement of the o-ring when the cap leaks.

TFCT PA4801 - Add to cart

WP 48mm Cone Valve
Fork Cap Compression Tool

TFCT PS21040



Fork Compression Tool for WP 48mm Cone Valve Kit Spring Fork. 21mm diameter slot type with a cutout for air bleeders. 3/8" drive

TFCT PS21040 - Add to cart

Fork Cap Tool


Fits K-Tech triangle drive fork caps. 3/8" drive

TFCT CST3801 - Add to cart

Fork Cap and Compression Tool


Fits Sachs 48mm Upside Down Closed Chamber Forks.

It is 10 sided and is dual-purpose. It fits the 39mm Compression Valve Assembly when it is flipped over. 3/8" drive

TFCW 50D390 - Add to cart

Fork Cap Wrenches

TFCW Series Instruct

WP 48mm

Fits 48mm WP forks that require a pin spanner (slots - no hex).
40mm pin circle x 3.2mm pins

TFCW 02 - Add to cart


24/32/41mm Hex

Three sizes fit common sport bikes. 
TFCW 243241H
Add to cart



WP 43mm AER FORKS (85s)

Has 35 and 45mm hex

TFCW 3545H - Add to cart



This BPF Fork Cap Wrench, along with the TFCH 06 Cartridge Tool fit Showa BPF (Big Piston Forks). These tools are a "must have" for maintenance of:

12-19 CBR1000RR
12-19 CBR600RR
09-15 GSX-R1000
11-15 GSX-R600

11-15 GSX-R750
10-12 H-D XR1200X
09-18 ZX-6R
11-15 ZX-10R

Has 45 and 49mm octagons.

TFCW 4549 - Add to cart



Fits 47 and 49mm Showa forks.

Has 46 and 50mm octagons.

Removes Compression Valving Assembly on most models too.

TFCW 4650 Add to cart




Fits KTM WP 48mm Closed Chamber Forks that require a 50mm hex.

Includes 29 x 4.8mm Pin Spanner.

TFCW 50H - Add to cart

Fork Cap Tool

This is a dual-purpose tool for the WP 4CS Fork.

Allows removal of the fork cap AND by flipping it over, the Compression Base on the bottom of the fork.

TFCW PS38048 - Add to cart

Damping Rod Holding Tool

TFDH 01 Instruct

Some Damping Rods are difficult to remove because they spin. Making a special tool for each model can be a pain. This simple tool is a tapered aluminum rod. With a tap of a hammer, the taper wedges into the ID of most Damping Rods, late model and vintage.

You may be surprised by how well it holds! Many forks come apart easily, but this versatile tool is great to have when you need it.   

TFDH 01 – Add to cart

Graduated Cylinder

TFGC 500 Instruct

Accuratly measures fork oil for filling Twin-Chamber forks.

500cc capacity

TFGC 500 - Add to cart

Hex Front Axle Tool

TFHD 1724 Instruct

This Front Axle tool fits many sport and dirt bikes.

17, 19, 22, 24mm

TFHD 1724 - Add to cart

Cartridge Rod Holding Tool

TFHP 01 Instruct

The Cartridge Rod Holding Tool allows you to more easily service Showa, WP, and KYB Twin-Chamber as well as most street cartridge forks. The tool holds back the spring allowing you to get to the bottom nut or the fork cap on the cartridge rod. Plastic design keeps shafts from being marred.

TFHP 01 - Add to cart

Oil Level Setting Tool

TFOL 02 Instruct

Collapsible tube allows setting fork fluid levels with only two hands. Does not require a third hand!

TFOL 02 - Add to cart

Fork Preload Adjusting Sockets

Stop rounding off the edges of your adjusters. These sockets allow you to perform fork preload changes more easily. Specially designed for fork preload adjuster that are round with two flats.

TFPA 14 - Add to cart
TFPA 17 - 
Add to cart

WP Piston Ring Installation Tool

TFPC 2328 Instruct

Fits WP 48mm Bladder Forks. Helps install split rebound piston ring into the cartridge.

TFPC 2328 - Add to cart

Radial Pin Spanner

TFPS R5701 Instruct


The Radial Pin Spanner has lots of uses. It has tapered pins so it can fit many hole sizes.

On most Twin-Chamber Forks it can be used to remove Compression Holders to get to the Pressure Spring and Compression Post.

It can also be used as a Fork Spring Compressor on lots of street bikes with cartridges (although the TFSC 01 Spring Compressor is a MUCH better solution.)

TFPS R5701 - Add to cart

Fork Seal Installation Sleeves

TFSB 01 Instruct

These Fork Seal Installation Sleeves are simply thick wall plastic bags. They are simple, inexpensive, yet effective solution for protecting the fork seals on installation. Comes in a pack of 5.

TFSB 01 - Add to cart

Fork Spring Compressor

TFSC 01 Instruct

Most street bikes with cartridges require a spring compressor. This portable Fork Spring Compressor can be used on or off the bike on many models.

TFSC 01 – Add to cart

Fork Spring Compressor

TFSC 02 Instruct

The Foot-Operated Fork Spring Compressor is designed to work on most sport bikes and road racers with cartridge forks. It allows the spring to be compressed while the fork cap is removed from the rod. This design is wall mounted and really easy to use.

TFSC 02 – Add to cart

Fork Spring Compressor Adapter

TFSC A01 Instruct

For some models that don't have fork spring spacers. Particularly Harley-Davidson.

Used with either TFSC 01 or TFSC 02.

TFSC A01 – Add to cart

Fork Seal Drivers

TFSD Series Instruct

TFSD Series - Fork seal drivers. Split design. These are the standard of the industry.

Item Code Diameter  
30-31mm Add to cart
TFSD 33 33mm Add to cart
35mm Add to cart
TFSD 37 36-37mm Add to cart
38-39mm Add to cart
40-41mm Add to cart
42-43mm Add to cart
45-46mm Add to cart
TFSD 48 47-48mm Add to cart
49-50mm Add to cart

Shaft Holding Tools

TFSH Series Instruct

Holds fork damping rods, cartridges, shock shafts, etc.

Can be used with any vise but made for TMVJ 065 Vise Jaws. The holding tools hang on the dowels instead of dropping on the ground when the vise is opened.

Item code Fits  
TFSH 10 10,12,12.5,14mm Add to cart
TFSH 14 14,16,18mm Add to cart
TFSH 20 20,24,29mm Add to cart
TFSH 32 32,35mm Add to cart
TFSH S500 1/2"

Add to cart

Shaft Holding Tool on TMVJ 065 Vise Jaws

31.0 Fork Tube Holding Tool - Grom

TFSH 31 Instruct

This is a must for working on Grom forks. It has a pin that locates in a hole in the fork tube so there is no chance of slippage.

Grom forks also require a long 14mm Allen (TMWA 14).

TFSH 31– Add to cart

Shaft Holding Tools 58 & 65mm

TFSH 58 Instruct
TFSH 65 Instruct

The Shock Body Holding Tool is ideal for removing and installing WP and Race Tech reservoir bodies. Has four pinch bolts and can be used in a hydraulic press for additional holding power. Machined from billet aluminum.

Note: You can make custom bushings to clamp smaller tubes including Fork Tubes, Shock Bodies, etc. Custom bushings can be made by your local machinist and are not available through Race Tech.

TFSH 58 (58mm) – Add to cart

TFSH 65 (65mm) – Add to cart

Fork Tube Disassembly Tool

TFTT 01 Instruct

Remove and replace fork tubes from fork bottoms (AKA axle clamps, fork lugs, etc) on upside-down forks.

TFTT 01 - Add to cart


Pin Spanners

TMPS Series

If you have ever used a Pin Spanner you have probably had one slip out of the hole. This usually causes damage. RT Pin Spanners have a unique pin design with a reverse taper to keep them from popping out during use.

Each pin set is double sided. Note-the sizes listed are of the actual pin diameter. If they fit in the hole they can be used however we recommend using the largest pin size that fits in the hole to avoid breakage of the pins.

3 pins - 6 sizes total:
2.6/3.3, 3.8/4.3, and 4.8/5.3mm

Replacement Pins sold in pairs.

Item Code Description  
TMPS 2633 2.6 & 3.3 Spanner Add to cart
TMPS 3843 3.8 & 4.3 Spanner Add to cart
TMPS 4853 4.8 & 5.3 Spanner Add to cart
TMPS P2633 P 2.6/3.3 
Replacement Pins
Add to cart
TMPS P3843 P 3.8/4.3 
Replacement Pins
Add to cart
TMPS P4853 P

Replacement Pins

Add to cart

We also offer other Pin Spanners specific to their applications including:

   TSPS Series - for WP PDS Compression Needles
   TFCH PS24050 - WP KTM 65 Fork Seal Heads
   TFCW PS38048 - WP 4CS Fork Caps
   TFCW 50H - WP 50mm Hex & 29 x 4.8 Pin Spanner Fork Caps

Suspension Vise Jaws (aluminum)

TMVJ 065 Instruct

Race Tech Suspension Vise Jaws gently, yet firmly, hold fork tubes, fork legs and other round objects in a “V” down to a diameter of 12.5mm (½”). The “V” is offset and overhangs the edge of the standard vise jaw to provide clearance for large diameter tubes.

Fits many 4 to 6.5” Craftsman, Wlton, DeWalt, and other vises with removable jaws. The jaws have a bolt spacing of 2.5, 3, and 3.5 inches. They can be drilled to fit other vises too.

Bonus!! Has pop-up pins that most TFSH Shaft Holding Tools hang on. This means the Shaft Holding Tools don't fall into the oil pan every time you use them.

Double Bonus!! With the use of the MTB Add-on Kit these are very effective for MTB forks.

Comes with M6x1.0 and 1/4"-20 mounting bolts.

TMVJ 065 Add to cart

MTB Add-on Kit for TMVJ 065 Vise Jaws


NEW! 11-2023

This is an add-on to the TMVJ 065 Vise Jaws for use on MTB forks. It includes a Support Pin and two Protection Sleeves.

The Support Pin fits into the holes in the end of the Vise Jaws and keeps the fork from rotating. The Protection Sleeves get wrapped around the fork tubes to keep them from getting beat up. This is simple and easy to use. With the Support Pin the forks do not require much pressure to hold.

If you already have earlier TMVJ 065 Vise Jaws and they don't have holes in the end you can modify them by drilling 1/2" holes 1.1" deep (or maybe it's time for a new set of jaws).

TMVJ 065MA Add to cart

14x100 Allen Hex

TMWA 14 Instruct

This is a long 14mm Allen. It is a must for working on Grom forks.

Grom forks also require a shaft holding tool for the fork tube (TFSH 31).

TMWA 14 – Add to cart


Excellent quality, great price. Chrome Vanadium, deep 6 point sockets.

Includes 8,10,12,14 and 17mm

TTHS 02 -  - Add to cart

by Paul Thede

Based on Paul Thede’s wildly popular Technical Edge Suspension Seminars taught around the world, this step-by-step guide explains how suspension works! The mysterious art of suspension is demystified!

IBSB 01 – Add to cart


Shock Body / Reservoir Holding Tools 58 & 65mm

TFSH 58 Instruct
TFSH 65 Instruct

The Shock Body Holding Tool is ideal for removing and installing WP and Race Tech reservoir bodies. Has four pinch bolts and can be used in a hydraulic press for additional holding power. Machined from billet aluminum.

Note: You can make custom bushings to clamp smaller tubes including Fork Tubes, Shock Bodies, etc. Custom bushings can be made by your local machinist and are not available through Race Tech.

TFSH 58 (58mm) – Add to cart

TFSH 65 (65mm) – Add to cart

Bushing Drivers

TSBD SET Instruct

Used to remove and replace shock shaft bushings into most seal heads.

12.5, 14, 16, and 18mm

TSBD SET - Add to cart


Shock Compression Adjuster Sockets

TSCA Series Instruct


TSCA 19, TSCA 21, TSCA 24, TSCA 01

TSCA 34 WP 12 point

Used to service shock compression adjusters.

Item code Fits  
TSCA 01 YZ Special Add to cart
19mm, 2 flats Add to cart
TSCA 21 21mm, 2 flats Add to cart
24mm, 2 flats Add to cart
34mm, 12 point WP Add to cart


Note: On some shocks there are punch marks at the threads. These must be drilled 1 mm deep prior to compression adjuster removal.

Clip Tool

TSCP 01 Instruct

Removes shock retaining clips without digging into the shock bodies. Made of hardened tool steel. If you work on shocks you'll really like this one! 

TSCP 01 - Add to cart

Reservoir Cap Tool

TSCT 01 Instruct

This tool threads onto the Schrader Valve located on the reservoir cap for easy removal.

TSCT 01  Add to cart

WP Nitrogen Charging Tool

TSNC 02 Instruct

The Race Tech WP Nitrogen Charging Tool works on all WP shocks with a reservoir 65mm OD or smaller.

Quick and easy to use and a "must have" if you work on a higher volume of WP shocks. Best if used with TSNG 02 Nitrogen Gauge.

This tool can be replaced with the new TSNC W74P charging tool if you also purchase the TSNC W74PBS Adapter Bushing Set.

TSNC 02 - Add to cart

If you are only working on a few shocks consider a SPNV 0512 Nitrogen Bolt with a TSNN 01 Nitrogen Needle.

SPNV 0512

WP Nitrogen Charging Tool for 74mm Reservoir

NEW! 11-2023

The NEW Race Tech WP Nitrogen Charging Tool works on 2022.5 and later WP shocks with a 74mm OD reservoir.

This tool is quick and easy to use and a "must have" if you work on a higher volume of WP shocks. It has clearance for the preload adjusting collar so there is no need to get it out of the way.

Best if used with TSNG 02 Nitrogen Gauge.

It can be used on 48 thru 65mm reservoirs with the use of Adapter Bushings. These can be ordered individually or you can save a bit and purchase them as a set (TSNC W74PBS).

TSNC W74P - Add to cart

If you are only working on a few shocks consider a SPNV 0512 Nitrogen Bolt with a TSNN 01 Nitrogen Needle.

SPNV 0512

TSNC W74PBS Nitrogen Charging Tool Adapter Set

TPNC W74PB65 and TPNC W74PB58 shown

NEW! 11-2023

The new TSNC W74P WP Nitrogen Charging Tool bolts directly onto 74mm OD reservoirs. It can be used on 48 thru 65mm reservoirs with the use of Adapter Bushings. These can be ordered individually or you can save a bit and purchase them as a set.

TSNC W74PBS - Add to cart

Item code Fits  
Bushing Set 48,52,58,65 Add to cart
TPNC W74PB48 48mm Add to cart
TPNC W74PB52 52mm Add to cart
TPNC W74PB58 58mm Add to cart
TPNC W74PB65 65mm Add to cart

Nitrogen Charging Tool - Zero Loss
RockShox MTB
G3-S Internal Schrader

TSNC PS21036

NEW DESIGN! 11-2023

For charging RockShox MTB Shocks. The movable pin depresses the valve core when used with TSNG 02 Nitrogen Gauge for Zero Pressure Loss. No more guessing.

Also fits G3-S Shocks with Internal Schrader Charging Valves.

TSNC PS21036 – Add to cart

Nitrogen Gauge - Zero Loss

TSNG 02 Instruct

This Nitrogen Gauge does not require a wrench and easily reaches recessed valve stems without an extension.

The Valve Core is depressed separately so there is no pressure loss.

Comes with a 1/4" flare nut quick coupling to work with the Quick Connect Nitrogen Hose (TSNH 48).

TSNG 02 Standard 300 psi  Add to cart


TSNG 02H Hi-pressure 600 psi   Add to cart

Quick Connect Nitrogen Hose

TSNH 48 Instruct

The Quick Connect Nitrogen Hose has special 800 psi "finger tight" 1/4" flare nut quick couplings. Does not require a wrench.

This hose works perfectly with our Nitrogen Regulator and Gauge.

48" long

TSNH 48   Add to cart

Nitrogen Needle

TSNN 01 Instruct

Designed for gas charged shocks with self-sealing type rubber valves.

Used with Nitrogen Gauge - ►TSNG 02

TSNN 01 Nitrogen Charging Needle   Add to cart

TPNN 01 Replacement Needle   Add to cart

SPNV 0512

Shock Spring Preload Adjusting Tool

TSPA 01 Instruct

Tired of chewing up your shock spring collars when you adjust preload? Well we've got the tool for you! Can be used aggressively on preload adjusting collars with minimal damage. 

Many people chuckle at this one untill they try it. You'll like it.

TSPA 01 - Add to cart

2009-15 RM-Z Suzuki
Shock Disassembly Tool

TSPR 50 Instruct

Many 50mm Suzuki shocks from 2009-15 have an "interesting" piston ring design that seals OK but has massive drag (really bad-strongly recommend a Gold Valve).

This seal gets stuck in the circlip groove during disassembly, often destroying it. This Piston Ring Tool fits into, and fills, the circlip groove allowing the seal to easily slide past.

It doesn't remove the massive friction (uhh, have I mentioned Gold Valves?) but it does allow removal of the shaft assembly!

TSPR 50 - Add to cart

WP PDS Metering Pin Tool

The WP PDS Shock Needle Tool removes the Compression Needle from the shock body on early KTM WP PDS shocks. This is the most economical way to go (see TSPS T Series T-handle version) but only available for the early model.

Required to install a SWCN 10 Telescopic Needle.

For later model PDS shocks see TSPS T Series Pin Spanners.

TSPS 1524 - Add to cart

WP PDS Metering Pin Spanners

TSPS T Series Instruct

This is the PRO version of the needle removal tool. If you are servicing a lot of WP PDS shocks these are the one to have. It is driven with a T-handle, holds the Needle, and is self-centering in the body.

Item Code pin circle x 
pin diam
TSPS T1524 15.0 x 2.4mm Add to cart
TSPS T16530 16.5 x 2.4mm Add to cart
TSPS T20 20.0 x 2.4mm Add to cart

Note: It is ok for the pin to be smaller than the hole.

Shock Spring Preload Collar Adjusting Tool

TSPW 246785

This Preload Collar Adjusting Tool is designed to fit collars from 67 to 85mm in diameter. It features a back cut on the hook to reduce the possibility of slippage. It also has a 24mm open end wrench for adjusting ride height.

TSPW 246785 - Add to cart

Check out TSPA 01 for a Preload Adjusting Tool you can be really agressive with.

Shock Reservoir Cap Tool

TSRC 01 Instruct

This tool is used to tap the bladder cap down to remove the snap ring on late model YZs eliminating the possibility of damage to the Schrader Valve.

TSRC 01 - Add to cart

Shock Reservoir Piston Setting Tool

TSRS 03050 Instruct


Can be used on most Piston Style Shock Reservoirs.

It features two o-rings to easily mark the full bottom-out point as well as the piston set point.

M3x.5mm thread. Use of the thread is not required.

TSRS 03050 - Add to cart

Shock Reservoir Tool


NEW! 11-2023

This tool is designed to remove the reservoir from WP shocks with 74mm OD reservoir bodies. These have a 45mm hex drive.

Reservoir removal is commonly done for SWBL 6002 Bladder Conversions and/or complete shock service.

TSRT 45 - Add to cart

Shock Seal Bullet Tools

TSSB Series Instruct


Shock Seal Bullet Tools makes installing seal heads onto shock shafts quick and safe. They eliminate the possibility of seal damage. A must for serious tuners.

Item code Fits  
TSSB 125 12.5x10mm Add to cart
TSSB 14 14x12mm Add to cart
TSSB 16 16x12mm Add to cart
TSSB 18 18x16mm Add to cart
TSSB 1812 18x12mm Add to cart

Shock Spring Compressor
Lever Type

TSSC 01 Instruct

Provides quick removal and installation of most shock springs with spring rates up to 8 kg/mm. Features a Shaft Locking Device for safety.

TSSC 01 – Add to cart

Shock Spring Compressor

TSSC 02 Instruct

This Shock Spring Compressor is strong, light-weight and easy to use. It comes with 4 adapters (60, 66, 72, and 75mm) for different size spring collars and both an eyelet and clevis adapter.

Invented by Jason Eldredge of Corporate Suspension in Utah.

This one is so cool you’ll want to remove shock springs just for the fun of it. ►More Info...

TSSC 02 – Add to cart

Sag Master

TSSM 01 Instruct

Voted as Dirt Bike Magazine's 25 Best Tools Ever Invented, the Sag Master is a tool that makes measuring Static "Race" Sag a snap because you read it directly. No subtracting! 

Also useful in monitoring linkage and seal drag. Doubles as a tape measure!

►Check out the Sag Master in action.

TSSM 01 - Add to cart

Shock Seal Head Setting Tool

TSSS Series Instruct

Allows the user to easily push shock seal heads into the bodies.

Four sizes available. Mini's, Standard 40-50mm, Street and WP PDS 50mm shocks.

Item Code Fits  
TSSS 01 40-50mm standard Add to cart
TSSS 01S 40-50mm Short (street) Add to cart
TSSS 02 50mm WP Add to cart
TSSS 03 33-36mm mini Add to cart

Vacuum Master

TSVM 01 Instruct

The Vacuum Master Shock Bleeding Tool makes high-tech shock filling more affordable. This machine not only saves time and increases efficiency, but it creates a "perfect bleed".

This Vacuum Bleeding Tool is the most powerful on the market. It is so powerful it actually draws air out of the suspension fluid itself!

Comes with adapters to fit most shocks.

►Learn More

TSVM 01 – Add to cart

Vacuum Master
Single Hose Conversion

This kit upgrades older "2 hose" Vacuum Masters to single hose style.

TSVM SC01 – Add to cart

  __4. SHOCK DYNO MOUNTS for CTW and Roehrig

Dyno Clevis Pin


3/8" Dyno Clevis Pin is used with the Shock Eyelet and Clevis Mounts.

TSDY CPH95075 - Add to cart

Lower Fork Base

Lower Fork Base is used with Fork Axle Sleeves (see below) to mount single or dual tubes.

Fits on 5/8"-18 UNF threaded post with a nut.

TSDY FAMB01 – Add to cart

Lower Fork Axle Sleeve Sets
(used with the Lower Fork Base)


Axle Sleeves are available as 3 part sets. All three parts are the same OD and different on the ID:

  1. One is non-threaded. It is used in the middle of a dual leg setup. 
  2. The second has a recess for the Allen Bolt Head. It is used in a dual leg setup.
  3. The third is threaded on both ends. It is used by itself for single leg mounting (shown below). It is also used in dual leg mounting on the outside.

Here is a cross section view of a Dual Fork Leg Setup.

Note - The Upper Dual Fork Mount is required for dual setup.

Most forks require two different diameters to mount a pair of fork tubes.

TSDY FAM20 - 20mm - Add to cart
TSDY FAM22 - 22mm - 
Add to cart
TSDY FAM25 - 25mm - 
Add to cart
TSDY FAM26 - 26mm - 
Add to cart
TSDY FAM27 - 27mm - 
Add to cart
TSDY FAM28 - 28mm - 
Add to cart
TSDY FAM30 - 30mm - 
Add to cart
TSDY FAM32 - 32mm - 
Add to cart

Complete Set

Or save a bit and get the complete set including all 8 sets (24 sleeves) listed above.

TSDY FAMS01 20-32mm - Add to cart



This is a combination of:
Lower Fork Base - TSDY FAMB01 and
a single Fork Axle Sleeve  - TSDY FAM Series



This is a combination of:
Lower Fork Base - TSDY FAMB01 and
two Fork Axle Sleeve Sets - TSDY FAM Series (two, because the left and right are usually different diameters).

Mountain Bike Lower Adapter
(shown with Lower Fork Base)

The MTB Adapter clamps onto the fork axle.

It fits 12 - 20mm axles, 0 - 70mm offsets (the cycling world often calls it rake).

Requires a Lower Fork Base - TSDY FAMB01 (shown)

TSDY FAMB02 - Add to cart

Upper Fork Base

The Upper Fork Base is used along with a Fork Tube Bushing (see below) to mount complete fork legs on the dyno.

Uses 64mm OD Bushings

5/8"-18 UNF thread

TSDY FTMB64 Add to cart

Upper Fork Tube Bushings

Fork Tube Bushings are available individually and used with the Upper Fork Base.

Bushings are 64mm OD

TSDY FTB28664 28.6mm (1 1/8") MTB - Add to cart
TSDY FTB4464 44mm -
Add to cart
TSDY FTB4964 49mm -
Add to cart
TSDY FTB5064 50mm -
Add to cart
TSDY FTB5364 53mm -
Add to cart
TSDY FTB5464 54mm -
Add to cart
TSDY FTB5564 55mm -
Add to cart
TSDY FTB5664 56mm -
Add to cart
TSDY FTB5764 57mm -
Add to cart

Complete Set

Or save a bit and get the complete set. Includes all 9 sleeves listed above.

TSDY FTBS6401 28.6-57mm - Add to cart

Upper Dual Fork Mount

The Upper Dual Fork Mount allows a pair of tubes to be mounted at the same time. This is particularly useful for forks with compression on one leg and rebound on the other.

Requires two Upper Fork Bases and Tube Bushings.

TSDY FTB2T Add to cart



You will need to purchase two Upper Fork Bases (TSDY FTMB64) and the appropriate Upper Fork Tube Bushing (TSDY FTB Series).

Shock Clevis Mount

The Shock Clevis Mount has a 19mm threaded post.

The base has a taper to help center wider clevises. 

5/8"-18 UNF thread

TSDY SCM01 – Add to cart

Shock Eyelet Mount


The Shock Eyelet Mount has a 43mm cutout width. It fits most shocks with eyelets.

The brass pin pushes down on the eyelet to take up slop in the heim bearing.

A second Shock Eyelet Mount is required for shocks with dual eyelets.

5/8"-18 UNF thread

TSDY SEM3410 - Add to cart


Valve Spring Compressor



 - RT Valve Spring Compressor

If you build a significant quantity of 4-strokes you are going to love this tool! RT has created a Valve Spring Compressor that makes disassembly and assembly of heads quick and easy. It is foot-operated and has a slide hammer built in for stubborn keepers. Includes 3 size drivers for small to large motorcycle and automotive engines. You will love it!

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