We are now offering Race Tech Custom Fork Legs for Street and Road Race motorcycles. All Custom Forks are built to order. They come with highly acclaimed 25mm Compression and HFR Rebound Gold Valves and Hi-Performance Lightweight Springs selected for the individual rider's size, type of riding and ability.

Whether you have a modern bike or a vintage machine, we can build Custom Forks that will out-perform your highest expectations. Guaranteed! Please contact us at  951.279.6655.

The forks come in two basic styles;
GSX-R1000 (radial brake mount - shown above) and
Dyna (standard H-D brake calipers).

Standard Features - Both Styles

  ♦ Made to order!
  ♦ 25mm Fork Compression and HFR Rebound Gold Valves
  ♦ Custom Valving and Springs
  ♦ Ultra Slick Fluid
  ♦ RT Hi-Performance Lightweight Springs
  ♦ Inner Fork Tube Color Options
  ♦ Fork Cap Color Choices
  ♦ Black Outer Tubes and Fork Bottoms
  ♦ Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
  ♦ External Compression and Rebound Adjusters
  ♦ External Preload Adjusters
  ♦ Made in the USA
  ♦ Performance Guaranteed!

Standard Specs - Both Styles

  ♦ 750 or 800mm long (length options available)
  ♦ Ø43mm Inner Fork Tubes
  ♦ Ø50mm at Upper Triple Clamp
  ♦ Ø54mm at Lower Triple Clamp


Pricing - Both Styles

  ♦ $2999- Standard Chrome Tube
  ♦ $3299- Ti Gold/Black/Bronze Inner Tube

Specs - GSX-R Style (Radial Brake Calipers)

  ♦ Ø32/25mm Axle - GSX-R Stock
  ♦ Front Axle and Nut/Bolt - GSX-R1000 or CBR1000 (much sexier than the Suzuki part - Honda p/n 44301-MFL-000 Axle, 90306-MFL-010 Bolt). Purchase through your Honda dealer.
  ♦ Standard Spacing Designed for 2009-14 GSX-R1000 Triple Clamps, Wheel and Brake Caliper:
     • 207mm Wide Triple Clamps
     • 108mm Radial Brake Caliper
     • 310 x 5mm Disks (can be spaced for larger discs)
     • 132mm Disk Spacing on centers
         - 127mm to inside Disk surfaces
         - 137mm to outside Disk surfaces - 5mm wide disks
  ♦ Click for GSXR assembly drawings with dimensions
Specs - Dyna Style (Standard H-D Brake Calipers)

  ♦ Axle Ø30/25mm Left/Right
  ♦ Spacing Designed for 2014 Dyna Wheel and Brake Caliper:
     • 69mm Standard Brake Caliper Bolt Spacing
     • 300 x 5mm Disk(s)
  ♦ Right Fork Bottom Available with Brake Mount (for dual disks)
  ♦ Click for DYNA assembly drawings with dimensions


  ♦ Standard Colors
       • Chrome Inner Fork Tube
       • Hard Ano Grey Fork Cap
       • Black Outer Fork Tube
       • Black Fork Bottoms

Length Options

  ♦ Standard Lengths can be shortened or lengthened by as much as 15mm
     • 750mm standard - range 735 to 765mm
     • 800mm standard - range 785 to 815mm
  ♦ No additional charge
  ♦ Color Options
     Inner Fork Tubes
       • Chrome (standard)
       • Black
       • Gold
       • Bronze
     Fork Caps
       • Hard Ano Grey (standard)
       • Black
       • Gold
Note - Front Fender, Axle, and Triple Clamps are Not Included

Front Fender - Not included

  ♦ The Fork Bottoms have a Mounting Boss for Front Fender Mounts
  ♦ Front Fender Mounts - sold separately

     • FPFB FM03 fits Triumph 675 Fender, 17" wheel
       (click for drawing with dimensions)
     • FPFB FM04 is BLANK - no predrilled holes
       (click for drawing with dimensions)
     • Assembly drawing
       (click for universal fender mount assembly drawing)

 Triple Clamps - Not included

  ♦ Triple Clamps are available to fit many motorcycles from these excellent companies:

          Triumph Loaded Gun Customs
  H-D Kraus Motor Co.
  Multiple Brands Attack Performance


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