"The best you've ridden is the best you know."
- Paul Thede
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"Race Tech did their magic on the stock forks of my 1973 Kawasaki Z1 and truly made it a different motorcycle." - "Big Al" Madril, Clovis, CA

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While engine power and development surged on motorcycles thru the 1960s and 80s, suspension and braking development fell behind leaving machines that struggled to meet the performance demands and comfort needs of their riders.  Race Tech has used modern R&D to fine tune forks, shocks, and drum brakes for most models providing top of the line modern feeling suspension for your vintage motorcycle.  


Race Tech specializes in personalized suspension solutions to smooth out your ride.  Browse through an overview of Race Tech's products and services below and be sure to check out our Product Search to see what we offer for your motorcycle.

Great suspension comfort, safety and handling is just as important for the Street Rider facing the urban jungle or cross country trek as it is for the Racer!


Learn all about suspension with the Race Tech Suspension Bible 



"I'm really happy with the ride over light ripples and hard bumps. I went over that concrete runoff on top of the hill at Barber, just before the hard right museum turn with no problems with the bike getting upset. Other people swore they wouldn't go over it ever again. They must not have the kind of good suspension tuning we have worked out on their bikes..." 

- Wick Wilkinson, Thruxton 81x

Read the full testimonial and more...


The first step to great handling is selecting proper spring rates. With over 500 Hi-Performance Springs to choose from, Race Tech is almost guaranteed to have the spring you need.

Through years of testing and manufacturing experience, Race Tech has developed a full line of Hi-Performance Springs using the finest materials and processes. RT Springs have the highest stiffness-to-mass ratio in the industry; making them extremely light weight for their particular rate. Our Fork Springs for Vintage Models are built to the same standards using the same materials as Modern Bike Springs!


RT Hi-Performance Fork Spring Features:

   -Extremely accurate rates
   -Several different rates are offered for every application
   -The tightest tolerances in the industry
   -Heat-treated and Shot-peened
   -Preset to eliminate sacking-out
   -Extremely lightweight
   -Made in the USA

NOTE: Race Tech Fork Sprngs are Required for most Vintage Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator Installs due to Spring Length

►Find your recommended springs and spring rates.
►Race Tech Forks Spring Details...
►Long vs. Short Springs Explained
►RT FORK SPRING LIST with dimensions, rate and travel







Race Tech's award winning Gold Valve Emulator Kits for Forks provide a personalized setup and adjustability. Gold Valves Emulators improve fork oil flow dramatically reducing harshness while actually increasing bottoming resistance (as shown with data acquisition). These Kits can often be installed by individuals interested in understanding and tuning their own suspension or they can be installed by a local Race Tech Center, Dealer or of course the Race Tech's Service Department. Gold Valve Kits include Installation Instructions, Tuning Guides and alternate parts to allow a custom setup and adjust ability for rider preference and type of riding.

 Watch Paul Thede's video that explains how Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators work! Click on the Picture or here to view: ► Gold Valve Emulator Video

 Benefits of Gold Valve Emulators:

   -Increased tune-ability
   -Dual stage tune-ability
   -Personalized setup
   -Reduced harshness
   -Increased bottoming resistance
   -Improved traction
   -Consistent feel
   -Technical support
   -100% Guaranteed
   -Made in the USA

NOTERace Tech Fork Sprngs are Required for most Vintage Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator Installs due to Spring Length

Gold Valve Emulator Resources:

   ►Damping Rod Gold Valve Modification Gallery
   ►Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators Details
   ►How damping rod forks and Emulators work. From the book "Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible"
   ►Cartridge Emulator Fitment for Models Not Listed
   ►Cartridge Emulator Tuning Guide
   ►Cartridge Emulator Sizing and Application Chart 
   ►Cartridge Emulator Parts list - Excel format
   ►Gold Valve Emulator Setup & Tuning Instructions

Gold Valve Emulator Instructions  FEGV S General Instructons Gold Valve Emulator

Model Specific Kit Instructions: 

        FEGV S2902 30mm Ceriani / Paioli Vintage
       FEGV S3002 34/35 KYB Vintage
       FEGV S3303 35mm Betor Ceriani / Paioli Vintage
       FEGV S3804 Marzocchi 40mm BMW




 "I chose Race Tech for my AHRMA 350 Sportsman and it really works! Matt guided me on choices and performed a complete fork conversion. We hard anodized it along with Gold Valves and Custom Fork Springs. The black and red G3-S shocks work even better than they look! I was not sure of having Brake Arc was really worthwhile but WOW was it! My Race Tech setup put me on the podium my very first ever AHRMA race weekend!."

- John Miller, Tennesee

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Race Tech's G3-S Custom Series Twin Shocks for Vintage Motorcycles are custom built to order with your choice of features & length. These shocks have been praised by both street riders and AHRMA Road Racers alike in all types of conditions all over the world. Engineered to be ultra-durable and tested on the track to shave seconds off your lap times or provide comfort and confidence on the street; these shocks are state-of-the-art.

Race Tech G3-S Shocks are superior to others on the market in that each and every set is custom built to order at Race Tech based on rider, motorcycle specs and type use along with your choice of features, length and colors and they are made in the USA!  


G3-S Custom Series Features:



The premier rear suspension solution; Race Tech's G3-S Custom Series Shocks are custom built. These shocks have been tested in all types of conditions to provide the best performance. On many models G3-S Shocks add external damping adjustability. Engineered to be ultra-durable and tested to provide a plush feel with improved bottoming resistance; these shocks are state-of-the-art, every shock is custom built to order based on your personal specs and choice of colors.

G3-S Custom Series Features:

    -Gold Valves provide a plush feel with increased bottoming resistance.
    -Personalized valving setup
    -Custom Hi-Performance Spring with rate selected for the rider
    -Billet aluminum
    -Ultra Slick Suspension Fluid
    -Premium Heim Bearings
    -Extremely effective rebound adjuster
    -Low-friction surface treatments
    -Full technical support
    -Made in the USA
    -100% Guaranteed!

    ►More about G3-S Custom Shocks!

    ►Video Presentation about G3-S Custom Shocks






We are now offering Race Tech complete replacement G6 Custom Forks for use on any Custom Motorcycle such as Cafe Racer, Street Tracker, Bobber, etc. All Custom Forks are built to order. They are fully adjustable and come with highly acclaimed 25mm Compression and Rebound Gold Valves and Hi-Performance Lightweight Springs selected for the individual rider's size, type of riding, and ability. There are also choices of tube and cap colors. 

 G6 Forks Standard Features - 

  ♦ Made to order!
  ♦ 25mm Fork Compression and HFR Rebound Gold Valves
  ♦ Custom Valving and Springs
  ♦ Ultra Slick Fluid
  ♦ RT Hi-Performance Lightweight Springs
  ♦ Inner Fork Tube Color Options
  ♦ Fork Cap Color Choices
  ♦ Black Outer Tubes and Fork Bottoms
  ♦ Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
  ♦ External Compression and Rebound Adjusters
  ♦ External Preload Adjusters
  ♦ Made in the USA
  ♦ Performance Guaranteed!

► More G6 Forks Details...


►Download TNK Fork Tube Application Catalog


TNK manufacturers OEM quality replacement fork tubes for Street, Road Race, Sport, Sport Touring, Touring and Vintage motorcycles. They are made from the highest quality materials and generally significantly less expensive than original equipment. These are direct OEM replacements offered only in stock lenght and hard chrome color. Don't overlook replacing bent tubes or tubes with worn chrome, pitting, or rust. Race Tech has most TNK tubes in stock, ready to ship!  

TNK Replacement Tubes are a great option to expensive OEM tubes and for those models for  which the OEM has discontinued the tubes!

Please note colored fork tubes from TNK are only offered for select late model "upside-down" Inverted forks and not vintage Conventional forks.

►Click here for more info!


   -   Highest Quality!
   -   Standard Hard-Chrome Finish
   -   Exact OEM Specs Match
   -   Vintage applications (back to 1955)
   -   Made in Italy

►Search for Replacement TNK Fork Tubes

►Video Presentation about TNK Fork Tubes

 TNK Tech Support please Email Matthew Wiley Matt can also be reached at 951-279-6655 during regular business hours PST Monday - Friday.


Ship Suspension to Race Tech for Service


If replacement fork tubes for Vintage motorcycles are not available it is often possible to repair them. If damage is limited to worn chrome, rust, minor pitting and the Fork Tube is not badly bent repair is an option. This service trues the tube, grinds off the old chrome, rust and pitting then builds fork tube back up to spec with high quality industrial Hard Chrome. 

Please note not all tubes can be repaired. Tubes badly bent or with deep pitting care beyond this service. Thick wall tubes 30-41mm can generally be repaired. Thin wall 41mm and larger tubes typically cannot as there is not enough material to allow the repair 


Rust is Repairable in most cases however Tubes Bent to a Crease are Not


 Detials Contact Race Tech Serivce Department: 951-279-6655 during regular business hours PST Monday - Friday.





Fork Sliders on Vintage and Classic Models are not hard coated. In fact most do not even have bushings. The results are high friction, high wear and rapid oil contamination from aluminum shed due to the chrome fork tube working directly against the naked aluminium slider.  Hard Anodizing is strongly recommended for Vintage & Classic Forks!


Fork Slider & Shock Body Hard Anodizing:

Hard Anodizing is a coating used on modern forks that can be applied to most fork sliders to reduce friction and wear. The outward appearance is a matte black look similar to black late model fork. This process is also available for shock bodies provided the shock is rebuildable type.

Hard Anodizing Benefits:

- Excellent resistance to wear
- Hardness provides reduced friction
- Improved oil life

More info about Hard Anodizing
 Powder Coating of Fork Sliders is also available for top grade cosmetic appearance.        

Get the best of both performance and appearance by having your fork sliders both hard anodized and powder coated! 




Brakes are one of the weak links of Vintage Motorcycles. Weak stopping power and spongy lever feel are common complaints of vintage drum brakes. This can be remedied with Race Tech Brake Arcing Service. With the popularity of drum brakes on vintage motorcycle builds as well as vintage race rules requiring the use of drum brakes this service is a big advantage. For the racer lap times improve, for the street rider safety improves. After all, whether you are facing turn one a little too hot or you are facing a left turning SUV, stopping power becomes everything! Add improved braking to your Race Tech Suspension to complete your vintage motorcycle upgrade! 

The difference between winning and losing often comes down to braking. Most drum brakes are mushy with poor stopping power. Race Tech is now offering Brake Drum Turning and Brake Shoe Arcing to improve stopping power tremendously. Race Tech Brake Arc Service is superior as we first cut the drum flat and round then arc the shoes to the exact drum diameter with the shoes mounted on the backing plate.  ►More Info

See what customers are saying about Brake Arcing!

If you're interested or would like to schedule service please call our Service Department 951.279.6655        ►Brake Arc Service Request Form

Motorcycle Classics Magazine Brake Arc Service Review 







Floating Rear Brake maintenance is commonly overlooked and can have a severe impact on suspension and handling. This type of rear brake was common through the 80s on both dirt and street/road race bikes. ►Read More...

If you're interested or would like to schedule service please call our Service Department 951.279.6655 




Building a high quality engine requires a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and experienced, knowledgable technicians.  Race Tech provides quality, precision engine services using the best equipment and processes in the industry. The staff at Race Tech has over 65 years of championship-winning engine building and tuning experience formally educated by the world's most renowned engineers.  

We are providing these precision services for all the engine builders and tuners out there.

More Info about Race Tech Engine Services 




Perhaps the most iconic of 70's Japanese motorcycles were the lightweight Two Stroke machines. These giant killers were often humiliating bikes of much larger displacement on the street or the track. They helped coin the term 'Squid' in the California Canyons back in the day.

Kawasaki Triples are a handful, bring them under control with desperately needed fork upgrade. G3-S Shocks can be made to any length and adding 1" to the stock length will help make the Kawi H2 handle like it should! 

Suzuki GT Series respond very will to proper fork spring rates and Emulators. G3-S shocks dropped seconds off lap times on AHRMA GT550 Road Racer. Have an RG500? We have suspension solutions!

Yamaha RD's and RZ's were among the best handing bikes of their day yet they feel soft and squishy by today's standards but we can fix that! We have fork kits specifically for the 34mm KYB forks and G3-S Shocks for a balanced setup. From '73 RD250 to '85 RZ500 Spring and Gold Valve options are available.

Kits for Betor, Ceriani and Marzocchi Forks are available for European models, see 'Vintage Fork' listings in Product Search  

Many early models sported drum brakes that lack the stopping power these bikes need, send in your drum brakes for Brake Arc Service for dramatic improvements in stopping power!  Motorcycle Classics Mag Brake  Arc Review

Imagine how much better your ring-ding could be with proper suspension and brakes! 



The growl of a Triumph Twin or the howl of a GS1000 both are music in motion for the vintage enthusiasts. Big bore four strokes were defined by Japanese models of the 70s and 80s along with European bikes from BMW, Ducati and Laverda. These fast, heavy machines put a high demands on their suspension, typically overwhelming it. Race Tech can address these short-comings, greatly improving handling and comfort. 

Honda CB550/750/900 defined the class for Japanese bikes in the 70s and then there was the CBX. The Honda models handed well in their day, modernize them with Race Tech upgrades!

Kawasaki brought power to the table the the Z900 and Z1000 models that, much like their two stroke predecessors, went faster than the stock suspension could cope with. We can fix that!

Suzuki brought balance with the GS550/750/1000/1100 in the late 70s. The GS series bikes handled well back then but by today's standards, not really. Proper Fork Springs, Emulators and G3-S shocks change the game making the GS bikes really handle!

Yamaha SECA models of the 80s suffered from extremely soft suspension, firm them up with Race Tech forks and G3-S Shocks. XJ550/650/750/900 as well as FJ & FZ models applications available as well 

BMW Air Head models are one of our most popular applications. Full Fork Upgrades as well as TNK Fork Tubes are available for the front, G3-S for the rear. Check out the Rider Magazine XJ650R review

BSA and Triumph models '71 on with aluminum slider forks such as T120/T140/T160 respond very will to Race Tech Springs and Gold Valves  and those forks can really use the help. Brake Arcing can make big improvements in stopping power. Motorcycle Classics Mag Brake  Arc Review

Laverda Jota, Mirage and RGS models are not overlooked! Check out Laverda Mania Special Thank You to Scott Potter & Moto-Laverda 



Analog Motorcycles Custom Honda with Race Tech G3-S Shocks



Custom Classic Builds have become very popular. The only limits are the owners imagination and budget! Why use 'off the shelf' generic suspension? Custom Builds work best with Custom Suspension. Race Tech has Fork Upgrade and G3-S Shock solutions for any build, any budget. Brake Arcing is available for drum brakes and strongly recommended.

Custom Builds Demand Custom Built Shocks! Check Out Race Tech G3-S Shocks

Looking for Fully Adjustable Inverted Forks for your Cafe Build? Check out Race Tech's G6 Custom Forks! 







Both Vintage as well as late model British, Harley and Asian platforms are popular for Cafe builds. The only limits are the owners imagination and budget! Cafe bikes range from strip down low bar models that need better springs to full on customs with late model inverted forks, mono-shocks and everything in between. Race Tech has Fork Upgrade , G3-S Shock and G6 Custom Fork Solutions for any build, any budget. Brake Arcing is available for drum brakes and strongly recommended.



Analog Motorcycles Custom Yamaha with Race Tech G3-S Shocks


Flat Track styling for the street is just cool! No matter if your build starts with Harley Sportster, Yamaha XS650 or a Triumph Bonneville or whatever your platform may be. If you are using the original forks or late model forks Race Tech has Fork Spring and Gold Valve options for you! Fork setup is custom based on your build, G3-S Custom Shocks are built to your bike's specs with your choice of features and colors. Make sure your Tracker handles as good as it looks!

Looking for Fully Adjustable Inverted Forks for your Street Tracker Build? Check out Race Tech's G6 Custom Forks!








Modern Retro Style Motorcycles such as Moto-Guzzi V7, Triumph's Bonneville, Scrambler, Truxton models Honda CB1100F and others suffer from mediocre stock suspension.  Race Tech has Fork Spring and Gold Valve options for you! Fork setup is custom based on your build, G3-S Custom Shocks are built to your bike's specs with your choice of features and colors. Make sure your Retro handle like a Modern Bike!

Visit our Modern Classic Motorcycle Page




Honda SL350 AHRMA Racer with full Race Tech Setup

 Yamaha TZ750 with Race Tech Setup late mode R-6 Forks


Race Tech supports Vintage Road Racing in the USA and abroad. Our settings are under constant development in Race Tech R&D.

Honda 350 Sportsman AHRMA racer pictured has full Race Tech Setup; Full Fork Conversion, G3-S Custom Shock, Brake Arcing Front and Rear. These upgrades helped it's 70 year old owner/rider John Miller to podium on his first ever road race weekend!  

Yamaha TZ750 owned & raced by AHRMA #1 Plate Holder Dave Crussell utilized late model Yamaha R-6 Forks with Custom Race Tech setup for use on TZ750

From CB160, GP200 small bikes all the way up to Vintage Superbike and everything in between Race Tech has you chassis needs covered with Fork Upgrades, G3-S Custom Shocks, Brake Arc and even Chassis Geometry Analysis Race Tech is your one stop vintage suspension shop!

Race Tech vintage guy Matt Wiley can be found track side offering Rider Support at selected AHRMA MX & Road Race events.



1983 Yamaha XJ650 Turbo


Race Tech Suspension Greatly Improves Street Bikes!

Just because you are not a Racer or Custom Builder doesn't mean you won't greatly benefit from Race Tech Upgrades to your Street Bike. This Race Tech Equipped Yamaha Turbo is ridden comfortably cross county on a regular basis in Touring Bike Comfort as a result.



Rider Magazine BMW R75



 Check out these links to Race Tech Magazine Project Bikes and Product Evaluations!







Race Tech Supports Vintage Japanses Motorcycle Club   


 Email Matthew Wiley for Vintage Tech Support


Matthew diaing TZ350 at Barber Vintage Festival 

"Thank you Race Tech! With your full fork setup and help from Matt getting it dialed and servicing my shocks on my AHRMA Race Bike it now tracks perfectly and soaks up the bumps. Your AHRMA Rider Support is great!"

Brian Filo, NorCal



Race Tech also proudly supports the VJMC, WVM, AMA as well as other vintage Motorcycle Organizations.

We are also proud to support vocational education with organizations such as BUILD and PowerSport Institute 

If your bike is not listed in our Product Search, you have questions about applications or setup please Email Matthew Wiley for Vintage Tech Support/R&D. 

Matt can also be reached at 951-279-6655 ext# 122 during regular business hours PST Monday - Friday.



"I am currently under construction on a 1982 Honda CB750F I will be running this year in the ARMA Vintage Superbike Heavyweight class. I am a small fish in a huge pond so this is an large undertaking for me and I want to express my appreciation to Matthew and compliment his willingness to answer my questions and offer technical advice. Matthew didn't try to rush through my questions just to "make a sale" and get rid of me."

- Daren Pothoven, Rogue Kustoms; Chicago, IL


Read the full testimonial and more...


Many people think suspension setup is a mysterious black art. It's not!

Email Matthew Wiley for Vintage Tech Support/R&D. 

  ► Race Tech Catalog .PDF

At Race Tech you have choices:

  1. Purchase our Gold Valve Kits, High Performance Springs, and Ultra Slick Suspension Fluids and install them yourself. (If you get stuck call your Tech Support 951.279.6655.) Hey, if you're really into it, check out our Suspension Seminars.
  2. Send your shock and forks to Race Tech.
  3. Have your local Race Tech Center install them.
  4. Race Tech is track side at many AHRMA events to install or fine tune suspension for all riders!

If your bike is not listed in our Product Search, you have questions about applications setup or vintage tech support  please Email Matthew Wiley for Vintage Tech Support/R&D. 

Matt can also be reached at 951-279-6655 ext# 122 during regular business hours PST Monday - Friday.

Resource Links:

►Customer Service Request Form

►Brake Arc Service Request Form

►Fork Emulator Fitting Requirements for Models not Listed

►Cartridge Emulator Parts list - Excel format

►Cartridge Emulator Tuning Guide

G3-S Dual Shocks Instructions

►Custom Shock Geometry Form

RACE TECH POLICIES: At Race Tech our customers' satisfaction is vital. We put it in writing.  ►Read More!

Contact Info 

If your bike is not listed in our Product Search, you have questions about applications setup or vintage tech support  please Email Matthew Wiley for Vintage Tech Support/R&D. 

Matt can also be reached at 951-279-6655 ext122 or 909.273.4985 during regular business hours PST Monday - Friday.



If your bike is not listed in our Product Search, you have questions about applications setup or vintage tech support  please Email Matthew Wiley for Vintage Tech Support/R&D. 

Matt can also be reached at 951-279-6655 ext 122 or 909.273.4985 during regular business hours PST Monday - Friday.