HOW TO: Ship your suspension

Are you wanting the team of experienced technicians at Race Tech to handle your suspension upgrades? If you aren't in the Corona, CA area, chances are you will be shipping your suspension. Although shipping your forks and/or shock might be new to you, we've done our research to simplify the process and ensure your suspension makes it to Race Tech and back safely.


Follow this easy shipping guide and don't hesitate to call us with any questions at 951.279.6655.


1.  First, we want to make sure you have a suitable container for shipping. Make sure the box you select has plenty of support to resist any damage during shipping. If you don't have a suitable box, or you want to ensure you have a box with plenty of support, give Race Tech a call at 951.279.6655. For a small fee, we will ship you a box, necessary packing material, and a Race Tech Service and Setup form to anywhere in the lower 48 states.


2.  Next, label your components. Take a moment and fill out the Race Tech Service and Setup form. If you have any questions or want Race Tech to call you and discuss your options, feel free to write "Call" next to any of the questions. We also recommend adding your name to each of your parts as well.



3.  Packaging your suspension is the next step once you have a suitable box, have labeled your components, and have the Race Tech Service and Setup form completed. Be sure to use plenty of packing to protect your suspension. Dinged, dents, or deep scratches can cause serious damage to your parts, so ensure you have wrapped them well. Once your suspension is packaged, also drop in the Race Tech Service and Setup form and secure the box well.



4.  Sending out your suspension is the final step. Be sure to insure your suspension! Ship your suspension to: Race Tech - 1501 Pomona Rd. - Corona, CA 92880.


If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 951.279.6655!