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GV Fork Kit

Gold Valve Fork Kit for 2012-2013 KTM 65SX

Race Tech has released to the public the long awaited and highly demanded Gold Valve Fork Kit for the 2012-13 KTM 65SX. Already championship proven by test rider and Team Junior USA member Aiden Tijero; this kit is a must have for any serious KTM 65SX racer providing factory level personalized suspension with every install.

"The suspension Race Tech has is just unbelievable," said 65cc National Champion Aiden Tijero. He continued, "The KTM 65 Gold Valve Kit helped me settle through the jumps and braking bumps. Before with huge braking bumps I would be kicked side to side and up and down, but once we got hooked up with the kit from Race Tech my suspension's perfect."

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Race Tech Ramps Up for X Games

Through testing, Race Tech has found a majority of touring bikes are extremely soft in stock form causing a rough ride, excessive dive during braking, and limited ground clearance. Race Tech's suspension upgrades provide a plush initial feel to absorb the smaller chatter, drastically improved bottoming resistance, and excellent traction, control and predictability.


Checking in with Aiden Tijero

Aiden Tijero has had a season for the record books. After being selected to represent Team USA at the FIM Junior Motocross of Nations, Aiden went on to stack up moto wins and a championship at Mammoth. Tijero backed up his impressive rides in Mammoth by going 9 for 9 in the 65cc classes at the Ponca City National. Aiden was a big part of the development of the Gold Valve Fork Kit for the KTM 65SX, and he is proving time and time again on the track that it is championship worthy!

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Tanner Amarillas Preparing for Loretta Lynn's

Tanner Amarillas has joined Race Tech for 2013 and has been getting his KTM 85SX dialed in with the Race Tech team. Tanner has been working hard looking to turn some heads at Loretta Lynn's and feels that Race Tech Suspension is one of the keys to finding the podium this year.

Read more and watch a video with Tanner Amarillas...


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