"We starting using Race Tech during the Road Atlanta round in 2010 and it was the best decision we could have made. At that time I was using another well known suspension company , but the difference for me is that Race Tech not only has great product, they have outstanding racer support!"

"Racing is a team sport and Race Tech is a very critical part of our team."

 - James "THE ROCKET" Rispoli

"The Race Tech front end works awesome! You have so much more feeling in the front end. I can put the Race Tech front end anywhere I want it."
"The G3-S Race Tech rear shock is incredible, it has so much adjustment. The rear shock feels really nice. You can feel the tire hooking up and driving hard out of the turn."

"Also, the Race Tech support at the race track is awesome. Lenny is a good guy and will do anything for you."
  - Shane Narbonne


“What helped clinch the championship and make the four track records possible were the incredible Michelin tires and an upgrade to RaceTech’s G3-S Custom Series Shock and 25mm G2-R Fork Cartridge Kit.

“The bottom line,” said Moham, “was the amazing difference Race Tech suspension made in our season. We could not have won these Championships and set so many track records without the incredible support of Race Tech.”
  - Shannon Moham


"It's the best, works everywhere. I love working with the tech's"
  - Nicky Moore

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