To offer our customers spring color options we bought high quality powder-coating equipment and are now providing this service in-house. We have basic colors (listed below) and can accommodate special custom colors for an additional charge.

We can powder-coat new or used springs. Springs need to be in good condition and clean. There will be additional charges to clean and prep springs that are in poor condition.


  • Standard Custom Color - Single - $40
  • Standard Custom Color - Pair - $60
  • Non-Standard Custom Colors start at - $80
  • Cleaning Fee - $25 for dirty springs that are otherwise in good condition.
  • Strip Blasting Fee - $65 springs that need to be stripped because they are too rough.

Standard Custom Colors:

  • White, Black, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow

Non-Standard Custom Colors: call 951-279-6655

Note: Most RT Dual Shock Springs are black. Most RT Single Shock Springs are blue.