G3-S Mounting Instructions

HONDA CRF250L 2013-2015

These are instructions for mounting the shock to the motorcycle. The shock has been preset for your weight, skill, and riding type.  The preset adjustments are listed on your Setup Sheet.

After mounting the shock please check the Sag. Click here for details.

Click here for General G3-S Instructions.

Note: Click on the images to enlarge.

1)    Remove stock shock absorber according to procedures outlined in the Honda service manual.  

2)  With rear wheel lifted and linkage pull rod and knuckle hanging as shown, install G3-S shock through the bottom of the swing arm.  Feed the reservoir through first and then the shock itself.  You will need somebody to lower the rear wheel slightly in order for the shock to go through.


3)  Position the shock with the hydraulic line facing the back of the motorcycle, this will put the line to the right, the reservoir will come through on the left as shown.  Install upper shock bolt, lower shock bolt and all linkage bolts.  Torque all bolts to factory specification.


4)  Use your key to open the storage compartment on the left side of the motorcycle.  There are two bolts that hold the storage compartment on, remove the front (closest to the battery) bolt, you will not reuse this bolt.

5)  Locate the 6x1.0x25 included Allen bolt.


6)  Utilizing the exposed mounting hole attach the reservoir to the motorcycle using the Allen bolt as shown.


7)  Double check torque on all fasteners, make sure reservoir is securely attached and hydraulic line is free of any hindrance.  Set the sag to the recommended specification on your setup sheet.  Have fun on your ride.


The shock is preset for you. Please check the sag before you ride.