Type 2-9 KTM 125MX 1983 
 - 40mm Marzocchi (NOT DONE)

This is the stock damping rod head. We could use some help with completing this section. We need a few more pics. Please call if you want to help out.

Spring perch (not shown) on top of damping rod is removed and replaced with Emulator Adapter FPEV AD3807 and Emulator.

The Emulator Adapter closely fits the head of the damping rod and covers the cross-drilled holes shown.

Emulator: FEGV 3801 

Emulator Adapter: FPEV AD3807

Plastic check ball near bottom of the damping rod must be removed. Remove brass roll pin to remove plastic ball. Enlarge compression holes at bottom of damping rod only to 8mm. (6 total)