The new Racetech rear end, installed in Bangkok some 5,000 km ago – well, it's so far simply flawless…The bike handles superbly on corners and straightaways, smooth and rough surfaces.” "Just 3 countries to go and its the first round-world GL1800. All of them pretty easy: Australia, New Zealand, USA." "Then home. But lots of miles, big countries and fast roads ... can't remember what that's like." "Happy New Year!"

Peter Sever


Shock got here in time and we put it in on Sunday. I had a chance to ride the bike after the install , for more than just a test ride, and I am really impressed at how good a GL 1800 can feel with the G3 installed. I have total confidence that this shock will never have a customer bringing a bike back 'cause the ride is not to their liking. The ability for the bike to quickly go from right tire side to left tire side is incredible! Absolute planted rear end!!Thanks again for your help getting the shock to me in time.

Marc Connelly
Adirondacks & Beyond
Motorcycle Safety, LLC.


 First, let me say that I am ecstatic about the performance and handling of my motorcycle since the installation of the Race Tech system. The change in the ride is as different as night and day. I have actually been able to change the mind of two of the doubters that I spoke of last week . After they rode the bike on the training pad, they told me that the feeling was quite different from what they felt in New York last week on the demo bike.

My ride home from Lake George/Americade was smooth and exhilarating. Feeling the power of the Goldwing as I took the corners through t he Catskills left me with quite an envious smile on my face. As I have explained numerous times this week to other riders, I finally found the rest of my horsepower through the set up of the Race Tech suspension. While I know that nothing is different with the engine, the suspension has allowed a very positive transference of torque to the tires; thus propelling it forward with a very smooth and aggressive thrust of power. I am a believer!!!!!!!

Reno Britt

Reno Birt is National Drill Team Champion & Ranked 3rd World Wide;, Iron Butt Champion, MSF Instructor & GWRRA Asst. International Director of Drill Teams and Top Gun