Race Tech BMW F800ST

The BMW F800ST in stock trim is a good bike, it does, however, according to customer feedback, feels too soft and mushy when ridden aggressively. The first issue is the bike is equipped with an old style damping rod fork. To improve performance we installed the Gold Valve Emulator along HP Fork Springs this makes the damping rod style fork work like a modern cartridge fork. Now on to the cartridge kit we are developing for ST.

Race Tech is working on a cartridge kit to replacement the damping rods, the G2-R 25mm Cartridge Kit. The kit includes our 25mm G2-R Gold Valve and adds externally adjustable compression and rebound. Another factor contributing to a soft feel is the stock fork spring rate is very light. The G2-R 25mm Cartridge kit and stiffer HP Forks Springs will address the issues of the F800ST front end. Lets move on to the rear shock.

The rear shock suffers from being too soft and not being rebuildable. To handle this we created a whole new shock, the G3-S Custom Series Shock. The G3-S Custom Series Shock come with adjustable rebound and HP shock spring for your riding specifications. The shock is fully rebuildable and revalvable. It's the perfect balance with the G2-R Cartridge Fork Kit. All products made in the U.S.A. and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Products Available for the BMW F800ST

  • Gold Valve Emulators p/n FEGV S4301
  • HP Fork Springs p/n FRSP S3732XX
  • G3-S Custom Series Shock p/n RSSBM 01IRNN - No Reservoir/ Rebound Adjuster
    RSSBM 01PRNN - Piggyback Reservoir with compression adjuster/ Rebound Adjuster
    Call our sales department for pricing 951-279-6655

Products in Development for the BMW F800ST

  • G2-R 25mm Cartridge Fork Kit w/ External Compression and Rebound Adjusters (RT only installation)
  • Hydraulic Shock Preload Adjuster


Special thanks to Irv Seaver BMW, in Orange CA, for providing the F800ST

The ST on the stand waiting for the R&D guy to do their magic.

Paul Thede and Jim Matter performing leverage ration curve with the Shock Clock

BMW F800ST G3-S IFP (Internal Floating Piston) Rear Shock.
(G3-S Piggyback Reservoir Shock will be available soon)


Jim Matter finishing up the leverage ratio