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Name ________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________
City _______________________ St _______ Zip __________Country _____________
Phone __________________________ Email _________________________________
Year _______ Make _________________ Model ______________________________
Bike Weight _____ lbs / kg Rider Weight (without gear)____ Unusual Gear Weight ______
Non-standard Vehicles - Front/Rear LaidenWeight Bias (rider on board) _________
Type of Riding ______________ Skill Level ______________

All measurements in millimeters please.
A __________ Swingarm Pivot to Ground (bike level)
B __________ Rear Axle to Ground (bike level)
C __________ Swingarm Pivot to Upper Shock Mount
D __________ Swingarm Pivot to Lower Shock Mount
E __________ Extended Shock Length (fully extended)
F __________ Swingarm Length (swingarm pivot to axle in middle position)
G __________ Lower Shock Mount to Swingarm Centerline (perpendicular to swingarm axis)
H __________ Collapsed Shock Length (fully collapsed, no bumper - must have tire to fender/frame clearance)
I ___________ Upper Eyelet Bolt Diameter
J___________ Upper Eyelet Width
K__________ Lower Eyelet Bolt Diameter
 * Lower Eyelet or Clevis (circle)
L __________ Lower Eyelet/Clevis Width
M__________ Maximum Wheel Travel Allowed

Other things to consider:

  • Chain and chain guide clearance. G3-S Shocks are often larger in diameter than the stock units. The body end goes up and the spring goes down (as shown). This can cause clearance issues and the shock may need to be spaced outward. This may create exhaust pipe clearance problems too.

  • Tire to fender clearance is critical. There MUST always be clearance between the tire and fender at the fully collapsed point. Letter "H" above can be measured without the shock on. We recommend at least 13mm (1/2") clearance minimum as swingarms and frames flex. Tire diameters will also be different depending on the manufacturer so set the clearance with the largest diameter tire you will use. If the tire hits the fender STOP, do not pass go, give us a call and we will provide spacers to limit the travel.