Dear Race Tech,

Please let Tony (from Australia) at the Corona, CA shop, know how pleased I am with the Gold Valves that he installed three weeks ago on my Honda ST1300. Also say "thanks" to the friendly and helpful staff: they made my stay there enjoyable and cordial.

Since the installation of the Gold Valves, the bumps and ruts of city streets aren't gone, but they might as well be. Pot-holed freeways are less of a pain to travel on, literally. Mountain riding is much more enjoyable, too. Especially so through bumpy corners where the stock suspension used to hop and push at the limits of tire traction. Perhaps the front suspension could be even better than it is now for one purpose or another, but I suspect that it could not be better for the mix of riding types that I do. Certainly not for the price that I paid.

Thank you all,
Dr. Marshal Mercer
West Covina, CA