The Gold Valve Shock Conversion transforms your old, wore out shock into a new high performance suspension component. The process includes a complete rebuild, Gold Valve installation that is set-up for your riding specs, replacement of spring(s) for riders weight. Other optional upgrades include, Hi-Low Speed Compression Adjustable Remote Reservoir, Hard Anodizing and Shock Shaft Rechome where applicable. When you receive your Custom Modified Shock back, bolt it on and ride, that simple, we take care of everything so all you have to do is enjoy the ride. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  1. We take your stock shock and disassembly it completely, inspect all the components for wear. Then replace oil and dust seals, bottom out bumper, o-rings and any other wore parts.. If the shock shaft is damaged by wear, rust or pitting we have the ability to rechrome it, no problem. After we finish getting the components taken care of we move on to the valving.

  2. At the heart of the Conversion is the Shock Gold Valve. This allows us to Custom Valve your shock according to your riding style, ability and riding weight. This set-up can be changed any time to meet your riding demands, that's another advantage of the Gold Valve Conversion.

  3. After the Gold Valve is installed we reassemble your shock with our custom "ULTRA SLICK" suspension fluid, fill with the proper nitrogen pressure, set the adjusters and install the proper rate shock spring for your rider weight.

* Lowering of Suspension- We find that many models are bit tall for the average rider. The suspension can be lower for an additional cost. You will have to get the forks lowered also to accommodate the Lowering of the shock, we can handle that for you also.

* Hard Anodizing- All shock benefit from being Hard Anodized beside protecting the shock internals it give your shock the "Works Look". More Details on Hard Anodizing

* Our Gold Valve Shock Conversion can be done by you, your dealer or send it to us and we'll take care of it. You'll need to order the Gold Valve, Spring and rebuild parts separate. Click here for our Product Search to find the correct parts for your model. We have most of the OEM replacement parts in stock, can accommodate special requests. We Guarantee you love it.