Race Tech EX250 Project

The EX250 is a great little bike, either as a starter bike or as a full blown racer. In this class the racing is so close every little bit is critical. Of coure it's way too soft and mushy when the bike is ridden aggressively but this bike can be really, really good in the handling department.

The first place to start is HP Fork and Shock Springs.

The stock forks are simple, inexpensive damping rods that have a lot of room for imporvement. The damping has two choices; first Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators. These highly proven devises transform the stock front end. This makes a huge improvement in traction and predictability allowing the rider to be more aggressive with greater lean angles.

If you are interested in the ultimate setup we are also buttoning up the last touches on our Cartridge Conversion Kit. This will not only add Gold Valves on both compression and rebound but it will also add external compression and rebound damping!

The rear shock is also too soft and mushy. Again we have two choices; first we can install our Gold Valve Shock Conversion Kit and HP Shock Spring. This can only be done at Race Tech as it requires special machining to rebuild this "non-rebuildable" shock. While the shock remains an emulsion design it makes a significant improvement in the overall feel of the bike.

For the serious enthusiast we offer a complete G3-S Custom Shock with options like ride height, rebound and hi and lo-speed compression damping adjustment and even hydraulic spring preload. These shocks are custom valved and setup for the specific rider and conditions at no additional cost. Made in the USA.

Products Available for the Kawasaki EX250 Ninja

  • Gold Valve Emulators: FEGV S3501
  • HP Fork Springs: FRSP S2838
  • Gold Valve Shock Kit: SMGV S3601
  • Nitrogen Fill Bolt: SPNV 0512
  • HP Shock Spring: Now Available
  • G3-S Custom Series Shock: RSSKA 06RRRN


Gold Valve Emulators installed in the EX250 Ninja

Fitting the EXs for a Gold Valve Conversion and G3-S Custom Series Shock


G3-S Custom Series Shock for the EX250 Ninja


G3-S Custom Series Shock Reservoir mount


G3-S Reservoir tucked up under the frame rail