Dear Race Tech,

I am sending this email to say how impressed I am with your product. I am currently riding a 1982 Can-Am 400 competing in vintage MX and Cross-Country as well as modern MX and Cross-Country.

I purchased a set of Gold Valve Emulators for the 38mm Marzocchi forks on my bike with skepticism that they would actually make that much difference. I could not believe the performance, nor could my eighteen year old son as I followed him through a whoop section while he was riding his new YZ250.

These things are unbelievable. Since I installed them I have only used my modern bike once all season, preferring to ride my 1982. I won the vintage series this season and also did well in a few modern races I entered.

The first time I raced this bike at a modern MX was by chance as we were at a track to practice and the next day they were having a scheduled race, so we were going to practice on the hare scrambles course the next day. However my son decided he would race the MX, so I signed up too even though I only had my vintage bike with me, as I was getting practice in for some AHRMA races.

To my surprise in the first moto I took 2nd place against a pack of riders on new 450ís of various brands. Some people must have noticed what I was riding because when we lined up for the second moto every person at the track gathered to watch the guy on the old bike (most not really sure what it was) race against the rest.

Once again coming out of the first corner I was in third or fourth and through the whoop section I past two guys on KTM 450ís and passed the third guy over the table top at the end of the whoops section with all spectators watching in awe. I could not catch the leader as he was just a better rider then me, however I did place second again and came off the track to a flood of people wanting to know about my bike.

This is not a sponsorship letter, although it may sound a little like one, it is just to tell you that you have a great product and if anybody asks me what the best improvement to there vintage bike is, it would be the Gold Valve Emulators.

I remember when Race Tech started and I know how hard it is to grow a business and it is nice to hear some praise sometimes.  I am sure Paul Thede is too busy to read this, but if possible please let him know what a great product he has developed.

I will be purchasing these for all of my vintage race bikes.


Kevin Annette


I want to thank Race Tech for working with AHRMA and all of the vintage racers this year.  We rarely get this kind of support at the track and that's where it does us the most good.  Prior to putting Race Tech components in I struggled with front end chatter for years and that was the biggest road block to getting better lap times.  After spending some time dialing the front end in at the race track with Matt I was able to get rid of the front end chatter which helped me secure 2nd place overall points in Formula 750 and Formula Vintage.  Thanks again Matt and Race Tech for all of your help!

Brian Filo