Race Tech Gold Valve Shock Conversion packages are an economical way for you to upgrade your ATVís suspension to the highest level for a fraction of the cost of new components. After comprehensive disassembly and inspection you have the option of sending out your shock bodies for hard anodizing (where applicable). Upon receiving your anodized parts we begin the process of a complete rebuild including fresh Low-Friction Seals, Ultra Slick Shock Fluid and nitrogen.

Race Tech Gold Valves are installed and proper valving is selected for your exact specifications. The final step in the process is the selection and installation of our High-Performance Spring Kits in either our Race Series or Sport Series setups.

Conversion Kits are virtually complete as is, but you may incur additional charges for wear items that need replacing. You will be contacted with any additional charges upon inspection of your shocks. Please refer to the Product and Spring Rate Search or call 951.279.6655 x123 for model specific pricing. In most cases a complete setup including all three shocks is less than $1500.

NOTE: We can perform our Conversions to other aftermarket shock brands. Call for more information.