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December 22, 2010

Happy 2011 Season from Race Tech

Hi Folks,

I'd like to wish you a great 2011 riding season. In case you haven't already checked out our updated website and reviewed our latest suspension products for motorcycles and ATV's, suspension parts and tools, here's a taste...

We also have a new tool: The Vacuum Master Shock Bleeding Tool.

In addition, I have recently written a book: Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible!

ATV Suspension

All New G3-S Custom Series Shocks

  • Custom Valving and Setup
  • Oversize Shafts
  • Reservoir or Non-Reservoir
  • 52mm "Piggyback" Bladder Reservoir
  • External Hi and Low Speed Compression and Rebound Adjusters
  • Gold Valve Shock Kits

Sport and Race Series Spring Kits Our HP Springs have high tolerances and do not sack!

Shock Gold Valve Kits provide Custom Valving for the rider that transforms your OEM shocks into a high-performance setup.

Complete Conversion Kits Conversion Kits include HP Springs, Gold Valves, Ultra Slick Fluids and Low-Friction Seals. DVS custom settings for each rider based on the vehicle, rider skills and style and type of terrain.



2011 Models We have been out testing with all the new 2011 models developing new settings, including the all-new KTM SX-F models. Check out our product search to see what we have for your bike.

G3-LD Shock Gold Valve This is our newest Gold Valve design, this piston creates more shim leverage and decreases the angular shim deflection. The benefit is more consistent damping = faster lap times!

Gold Valve for CRF Steering Damper The stock damping is inadequate for the stock configuration.  The CMGV Series kits come with 3 options (soft, standard and hard) for custom damping and instructions for easy installation. 


Rebound Gold Valve's for Dirt This piston design provides a more consistent mid-valve setup and better tuning options for rebound.

2011 KTM 50 SXS All new performance model now comes with Race Tech suspension. All products are available for past models as well.
  • Race Tech fork internals with Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator that offer an internal compression damping adjustment.
  • Race Tech G3-S Shock comes with Gold Valves and has external preload and rebound adjustments. The shock can be custom valved for individual skill levels and riding conditions. Made in USA
  • Different spring rates are available for both forks and shock.

G3-LD Shock Valve


Rebound Fork Gold Valve

2011 KTM 50 SXS

Sport Touring/Cruiser/Touring

Gold Valve Fork Kits for Sport Touring dramatically improve the damping and control of the motorcycle.

G3-S Custom Series Shocks come standard with Gold Valves, HP chrome silicone Springs and Race Tech's DVS custom valve and spring settings.

Gold Valve Emulator Kits for Cruisers make your damping rod forks perform like cartridge forks.

G3-S Custom Series Shocks for GL1800's are available in two options: convert the stock shock (no rebound adjuster) or purchase a new G3-S Custom Series Shock (with a rebound adjuster). Both come with our preload upgrade.


Vintage MX and RR

Gold Valve Emulator Kits There are many older model stock damping rods that do not have a piston ring and this does not create consistent rebound damping. Our latest Kits for these forks come with a piston ring that seals this chamber for better damping. Testimonial

Gold Valve Shock Kits for vintage dirt bikes provide a solution to the older style valving. This one is really trick.

G3-S Custom Series Shocks We offer complete replacement shocks for many bikes. Highest quality materials and many options to suit your needs.


For more info or to place an order, please contact your Race Tech Sales Representative at 951-279-6655 or

Good Luck and Great Riding,
Paul Thede

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