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March 10, 2009

Race Tech's Newest Products
for Dirt Bikes

Hi Folks,

We have lots of new goodies for the 2009 Dirt Bikes! The G3-LD is our all new Shock Gold Valve for 46 and 50mm shocks. For the CRF450 we have new fork and shock springs for the KYB suspension and a Steering Damper Gold Valve Kit as well.

For 2009 Race Tech is pleased to be working with Team Ti-Lube, Team Zip Ty Racing, Shane Watts and many talented freestyle riders such as Jim McNeil, Drake McElroy, Dustin Miller and Team

All New G3-LD Shock Gold Valve

One of 60 Gold Valve designs, this piston creates more shim leverage and decreases deflection. This provides more consistent damping and better control so you can go faster. You've got to give one of these a try!

  • Custom Valving and DVS™ Setup
  • Wide Range of Adjustability
  • Dramatic Improvement with Ride Quality
  • High Precision CNC Manufacturing
  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed

46mm KYB - SMGV 4603
50mm KYB/Showa - SMGV 5003
50mm WP - SMGV 5042

New Shock Products:

Hi-Volume Bladder Cap Now available for the new KYB shock on the 09 CRF/ KX 450's. Made of billet aluminum and has Schrader Valve for easy nitrogen recharging.

KYB - 40, 46, 52, 57 and 64m
SHOWA - 40.5, 48.5 and 54mm

Shock Rebound Separator Valve Kits All New Kits for the YZ's. These are bolt-on traction improvement and anti-mush valves. Simple yet very effective. SMRS 1215015Y

WP Reservoir Bladder Conversion Kit New Bladder Conversion Kit for 08-09 KTM 52mm Shocks. The Bladder Conversion Kit SWBL 05 converts the WP piston style reservoir to a state-of-the-art bladder system.

Hi-Volume Bladder Cap




Fork Valving:

G2-R Gold Valve Fork Kits customize your setup to help improve the damping and control of the motorcycle.

Mid-Valve Rebound Gold Valves gives MX, SX, to Enduro tunability. OE Manufacturers have tried some pretty "creative" valving in this area in the last few years. The FRGV Kits for dirt allows adjusting the mid-valve and provides better tuning options for rebound control. Available for twin-chamber forks.


New Products and New Springs:

Gold Valve Steering Damper The standard mounting configuration on the 08/09 CRF450R makes the stock damping inadequate. Our Steering Damper Gold Valve Kit has 3 damping options: soft, standard and hard.

The CMGV 2001 Kit (right) allows for rebuilds and custom settings.

TSPS T16530 Shock Needle Tool for the 2008 KTM WP shock and TSPS T20 for the 2009.

HP Fork Spring Kits Our latest High Performance Fork Springs for the new KYB forks on the CRF450R (FRSP 4446 Series) are available in .38, .40, .42, .44, .46, .48, .50, .52, and .54 kg/ mm.

HP Shock Springs Our HP Springs have high tolerances and do not sack! Shock and fork spring kits are available for most off-road models.

All new Shock Spring Kits for the 50mm Shocks on the 2009 Honda CRF450R and KXF450. The SRSP 6526 Series springs are available in 4.8, 5.0, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7 and 6.0 kg/mm rates.


For more info or to place an order, please contact your Race Tech Sales Representative at 951-279-6655 or

Good Luck and Great Riding,
Paul Thede

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