• Tim Hunt wins 3 out of 4 class and won the preimer WERA Superbike race. The Superbike win was a great ending to an exellent weekend of racing. More Race Info 
  • Team Hooters Tim Birdsong and James Rispoli on a Race Tech suspended, but otherwise stock (yes, stock) R-6, took 1st place (2nd overall) in the WERA National Endurance Series 4-Hour. The Hooters 1000 team had trouble early but faired well. They lost 9 laps repairing the engine then gained 6 laps back to grab 3rd place in class (4th overall). More Race Info,

at DAYTONA 200

  • Kevin Coghlan rode an awesome race he finishing 5th in the Daytona 200. He set the fastest lap time four times during the race. What is incredible is that he crashed during the race and still finished 5th in the coveted Sportbike Class. Race Info
  • RT riders David Anthony, Shane Narbonne, Eric Haugo and Johnny Rock Page had great races in the Superbike Class. Race 1 Info Race 2 Info


Aussie Dave Race Report

Greetings once again to all of our Marketing Partners! The season is finally under way and once again expect to see my round to round updates coming so we can keep you informed of all the exciting things happening inside Aussie Dave Racing!

Daytona Beach FL,

Scottish sensation Kev Coghlin was turning heads everywhere at Daytona.

Kev started the week off taking things easy learning as much as he could from the other riders on the track. The way in which race meetings are run in this country are a lot different from what Kev is used to so the whole week was a learning curve.

Kev qualified the Aussie Dave Racing number #25 Yamaha R6 in 10th spot, the team knew that as soon as the light went green Kev would be running at the front.

The first twenty laps of the race was a seven rider battle at the front with only two seconds covering all seven riders for most of those twenty laps.

When Kev come in for his first pit stop he was leading the race, after the pit stop Kev returned to the race running in 5th spot, twenty laps later when it was time for his second pit stop Kev was again leading the race. Kev again returned to the track in 5th spot where he would remain until the last lap when a nasty highside ended his race. Fortunately there were only five bikes on the lead lap so even without seeing the checkered flag Kev was awarded 5th place.

The team was excited to see that we were able to build a bike that was competitive against the other well known teams running at the front, we certainly lost time on our pit stops but considering we built our quick change setup at the track we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

Kev certainly showed he has what it takes to win races here in the USA; we are working hard to find the budget to keep Kev on the bike for the rest of the season. If plans fall into place you will see Kev on the Aussie Dave Racing #25 Yamaha R6 fighting for the win at Fontana.

In the Superbike class Dave (Aussie Dave) Anthony was a little too eager to get the race started and burnt up his clutch off the start, Dave was not the only rider to do this with a number of riders ending their race on the start.

When the second race got started Dave eased the bike off the start, by the time the checkered flag was flying Dave was in ninth place again showing he is a solid top ten contender.

Another rider to turn some heads was Johnny Rock Page; Johnny rode the Aussie Dave Racing #269 GSXR 1000 to 14th and 17th places.

Johnny has a whole new attitude towards racing and with the teams support we expect his results to keep improving.

Aussie Dave Racing would like to thank the following for their support, Fly Racing  / Race Tech / FMF / Trackoholics / Hotbodies / Arai / GPR / EBC Brakes / Liquid Perf / HEL Brake Lines / Spider Grips / DumondeTech / Kiwi’s Care / Kiwi Magic Motorsports / Temecula Valley Paint / Pit Bull / Rk Chains / TCX Boots / Vortex / DynoJet / Pitboxes.com / MotoGP