Chris Johnson has been a Race Tech support rider since 2007. He began riding when he was 5 yrs old and started racing shortly after. He became an instant phenom when he began dominating most of the races he entered. As he grew up his resume began perking interests of some manufacturers. Suzuki approached him when he was 16 to become a test rider and since then he's continued to work with them as an R&D test rider on all of their new MX development.
Chris has won multiple amatuer National Motocross championships, 3 time WORCS amatuer titles and 3 time runner-up, 2010 fillin rider for the Rockstar Canidae Suzuki team, and numerous top 20 finishes in the 2010 AMA Outdoor MX Series. In addition to all of Chris' accomplishments and contribution to our industry, he is still a very humble and generous person.
We look forward to helping Chris in the near future and wish him the bet on all of his new endevours.

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