WP PDS Telescopic Compression Needle

The beauty of KTM's PDS rear suspension system is that it is very simple. The problem is it lacks gradual progressiveness. Suspension setup is a BIG compromise. It is either too stiff on the small bumps or it bottoms on the big ones.

Though KTM has played around with different needle tapers over the years the stock Needle comes into effect, abruptly, very close to the point it hits the Bottom-Out Bumper.

Race Tech's Telescoping Compression Needles have an innovative design that is much longer, gradually tapered, and collapsible. This means a smooth, consistent, gradual, progressive stroke.

SWCN 14 - 2009 to 2011 most models (SX/F, XC/F, EXC-R, SMR)

SWCN 11 - 2005 to 2008 most models (EXCEPT SMR MODEL)

SWCN 10 - up to 2004 most models

Shock pin spanner tools are available - (TSPS T16530) for the 2008 shocks and (TSPS T20) for the 2009-10 models. This tool is easy to use with locator washers that align the tool while tightening or loosening the compression metering pin.

SWCN Series Telescopic Compression Needles retail for $119.99. TSPS T-handle tools retail for $79.99.

I guarantee you'll love it!

See Digital Product Search for applications.

  • Requires TSPS Pin Tool for installation
  • Requires a valving change
  • A Gold Valve Kit is an absolute "must" on the '05-06's (we think it is on earlier models too). The stock secondary piston has tiny ports that CANNOT FLOW ENOUGH on square edge bumps! Harsh... no matter what!
  • We strongly suggest our P-Series springs to give the spring the progressiveness it needs as well. SRSP 6326P15, P20 and P25
  • TIP: If you have an '05 or '06 with the adjustable offset triple clamps, STOP, do not pass GO and decrease the offset. See your owners manual or dealer for the procedure. The difference is a huge improvement in stability and turning for ANY type of riding. Early bikes need less offset too but they need new triple clamps!