James Carter has been a Race Tech Support rider since 2010. James was introduced to Race Tech through Mark Burnett from www.FREESTYLEMX.com, who spoke highly of James' talent and character. Since James was brought to our attention he has been burnin the place down in every event he's entered trying to gain the recognition to enter X-Games 2011. James was one of the hidden talents yet to be noticed until his unique style and fearless approach began to set the bar out of reach for his competitors. The name “James Carter’ began a stir amongst the industry peeps putting people on notice that this kid was for real. Through the whirlwind and chaos James was fortunate to befriend Mike Metzger and eventually become a member of Metzger's Mob Syndicate. James continues to surround himself with the trend setters in this industry in an effort to improve his own skills. As one of the younger premier riders, the experienced influence from riders like Mike Metzger keeps fueling James' fire to become the best. Keep your eyes on this one as his talented yet humble persona takes quest to stand atop the podium at X-Games in the near future.

Race Tech is fortunate to be apart of James' supporting cast and wish him the best in all of his future endeavours.

Testimonial: Having my suspension done by Race Tech I would say is one of the most important parts on my bike. Glad to have Race Tech helping me out and keeping my bike feeling perfect.