Race Tech G3-S Custom Series
Dual Shock Options

  • All G3-S Shocks are Custom Built to Rider Specifications
  • G3-S Dual Shock options include Reservoir Styles, External Adjustments as well as Ride-Height.
  • Shock Body Options
    • Emulsion - (non reservoir) -We will only build this shock design if space is lacking to fit an I.F.P. Shock
      Starting at $699.99 per pair
    • IFP Internal Floating Piston -DeCarbon Style (non reservoir) If spacing allows, this is the performance upgrade over an Emulsion Shock.
      Starting at $699.99 per pair
    • Remote Reservoir - allows Compression Adjustment Options - Starting at $1099.99 per pair
      • Low Speed Adjustment Only - add $400/pair
      • DualLow and High Speed Adjustment - Add $450/pair
    • Piggyback - These are the coolest looking if you ask me, and have a very effective compression adjuster.
      Starting at $1349.99 per pair
  • Other Options
    • External Rebound Adjustment - add $100/pair
    • Ride Height Adjustment
      (Rebound Adjustment included) - add $200/pair
    • Single or Dual Rate Springs - Differ depending on application. (This is not an option. We will make the decision best for the application.)
  • Standard Features
    • Shock Gold Valve
    • Custom Valved and per rider's spec
    • Large Diameter 16mm Shock Shafts
    • High Performance Chrome Silicone Springs
    • Stainless Steel Spherical Upper and Lower Heim Bearings
    • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
    • 100% Made and Manufactured in the USA
    • Performance Guaranteed!

Inverted Piggyback

For questions regarding Shock Options for your bike please call 951.279.6655

Custom Shock Geometry Form

Dual-Rate Piggyback

Dual Piggyback

Std Dual IFP