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April 22, 2009

New RT Products for Vintage Bikes

Hi Folks,

We have lots of new goodies for Vintage bikes! New Shock Gold Valve Kits (even for bikes that couldn't fit them before), Gold Valve Emulator Kits (many with added sealing rings), and HP Springs. Our latest innovation, G3-S Custom Series Shocks are available for many vintage models. We are pleased to provide Brake Arcing for drum brakes. This unique optimization process is worth 2 to 3 seconds a lap for many riders!

We are pleased to continue sponsorship of AHRMA dirt and street events again in 2009. Check out the Race Tech suspension upgrades for Honda CR480 featured in the inaugural issue of Motorcycle Retro hitting the newsstands sometime in May.

vintage dirt


G3-S Custom Series Shocks

Now available for vintage dirt and street models! Amazing improvements in ride and handling are to be had with our replacement shocks. We can custom build G3-S Shocks for almost any bike. Highest quality components, materials and set custom up with reservoir and external adjustment options to suit your needs and budget.

  • Custom Valving and Setup
  • Gold Valves®
  • HP™ Springs
  • External Hi and Low Speed Compression and Rebound Adjusters
  • Oversize Shock Shafts
  • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
  • 52mm "Piggyback" Bladder Reservoir
  • Stainless Steel Heim Bearings
  • Low Friction Seals and Ultra Slick Suspension Fluid

Shock Options include remote or non-reservoir, rebound adjuster, compression adjuster and ride height adjustment. G3-S Shocks can be upgraded added features and are made in the USA!

Remote Reservoir

Non-Reservoir Shock

Shock Products:

All New Shock Gold Valve Kits

Custom valving in a Kit. Newly developed models include 79-85 Yamaha YZ & IT's, 82-Honda CR's most Suzuki RM's as well as larger 46mm shocks. You've got to give it a try!

  • Custom Valving and DVS Setup
  • Wide Range of Adjustability
  • Dramatic Improvement with Ride Quality
  • High Precision CNC Manufacturing
  • Guaranteed

We can service most rebuildable vintage shocks from the 70's on!

G3-C2 Remote Reservoir Kit
New Reservoir Conversion Kit for stock Suzuki and Yamaha Remote Reservoir Shocks. The G3-C2 reservoir features Hi & Low Speed compression adjusters that gives you 30 to 50% change in compression damping.

Fork & Shock Hard Anodizing
Many vintage single shocks were raw aluminum that wore the body rapidly. Hard Anodizing halts that process and reduces friction at the same time.

46mm KYB - SMGV 4603


Gold Valve Kits and service are available for Works Performance Shocks


G3-C2 Remote Reservoir

Fork Products:

Gold Valve Emulator Fork Kits
Old Damping Rod Forks have serious flaws and Emulators® are the cure! Read about it.

All new Emulator Kits:

  • FEGV 3004 - Yamaha MX/YZ 250/360/400
  • FEGV S3002 - Yamaha RD250/350
  • FEGV 2901 - Showa 31mm forks
  • FEGV 2902 - Ceriani& Paoli 30mm forks
  • FEGV 3302 - Ceriani& Paoli 35mm forks
  • FEGV 3303 35mm Betor Kit ready soon!
  • FEGV S3801 - Showa 39mm & KYB 38mm Street
  • FEGV 3601 - Maico 36mm external spring
  • FEGV 3801 - Maico 38 & 42mm, Marzocchi 38mm
  • FEGV S3001 - Honda CB550/750, Kawasaki KZ650/900/1000, Yamaha RD400 & SR500
  • FEGV S3301 - Honda GL1000, BMW R65/75/90/100, Suzuki GS750/1000, Yamaha RZ350
  • And many more!

Read some Rider feedback!

HP Fork Spring Kits
We have over 500 designs. Our latest High Performance Fork Springs for the vintage 31-39mm forks.
FRSP Fork Springs 2244, 2341, 2350, 2550, 2643, 2938, 3055, 3234 Series are available in many rates.

Check our Vintage Dirt or Street Spring Rate Search for your custom setup.

FEGV 3004/S3002 KIT


Brake Arcing
Most drum brakes are mushy with poor stopping power. Race Tech is now offering Brake Drum Turning and Brake Shoe Arcing for improved stopping power and feel!

Race Tech's project bike build - 1983 RM250 Race Tech has recently started a special bike build that will showcase our suspension for vintage bikes. Please check the website for updates and information for vendors and suppliers of key vintage parts.

Race Tech featured in Motorcycle Retro! Motorcycle Retro’s inaugural issue, due out in June, will feature Race Tech suspension in the magazine’s Honda CR480R vintage project-bike feature. Retro Editor-in-Chief Mitch Boehm had Race Tech supply a new G3-S rear shock and total fork upgrade for his ’83-spec CR480 post-vintage racebike, and has been racing the bike in various vintage events in the western U.S. with excellent results. “The suspension has totally transformed the bike,” Boehm told us via email.

Please visit for details.

For more info please contact your Race Tech Sales Representative at 951.279.6655 or

Good Luck and Great Riding,
Paul Thede

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