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March 1, 2011

Hello gang,

Race Tech has all new Fork and Shock Fluids!  Since the introduction of Ultra Slick Suspension Fluids we have been at the front of suspension damping and lubrication performance. Damping Fluid technology has made major advancements over the last few years. In fact our Ultra Slick Suspension Fluids have had 6 major formula changes since we introduced them. We have just made the biggest improvements of all!

The friction reduction in these fluids will impress you. In fact many people have commented that it felt like we revalved their suspension when we only did a rebuild. When the friction is reduced the wheel can change directions much easier. This significantly improves traction and therefore control.

These new fluids were very expensive to create, however are the most cost effective when separated into Fork and Shock Fluids as they have different major requirements

The new Fork Fluids radically reduce friction making forks super smooth and increasing traction.

  • Fork Fluids are available in 5wt, 10wt and 15wt.

The new Shock Fluids are incredibly temperature stable and slippery too.

  • Shock Fluids are available in 2.5-5wt and 10wt.

For more information, please visit our website.



Try them out. I guarantee you'll love them!


All the best!

Paul Thede
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