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August 5, 2009
Spider Grips - FREE

Hi Folks,

We've been getting calls from dealers thanking us for the free Spider Grips that we've been sending out with our orders. Race Tech racers have been using Spider Grips for over 3 years now. I wanted to pass on the secret of these grips as they really affect the "feel" of the bike!

All of the styles have a vibration damping feature so it's kind of like "suspension for your fingers". They have a tacky palm with multi-faced surfaces designed for extraordinary traction so you don't have to grip so tightly.

I promise you'll be impressed if you get a chance to try these grips! Here is an overview of their models:

The M1 is designed for Motocross, Motard and Off-Road. This model has a full flange and strong end cap. This grip was designed to absorb more vibration than any other grip on the market. Available in 9 colors.

The A3 is designed for ATV, Snowmobiles and Watercraft. These grips are flange-less and have a deep pattern that sheds water and mud. This design is ideal for thumb throttles. 5 colors available.

The SLR, SLT and SLX models all have a slim profile. These small diameter designs are ideal for street bikes as well as dirt bike riders with smaller hands.

  • The SLR has a narrow flange and open end for street bikes with bar ends as well as dirt bikes with hand guards.
  • The SLT has a small flange and a closed end for ATV's to keep water, snow and mud out.
  • The SLX has a full flange and armored end cap so it is tough enough for dirt bikes.

To find out more, please visit Spider Grips on Facebook.

We've expanded this offer from dealers to now include individual riders. If you're placing an order with us please ask for a pair and we will send you some for free. You might not get your choice of colors from us but did I mention they're FREE!

Good luck and great riding,
Paul Thede

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