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March 10, 2010


Hi Folks,

I think it's really cool that we've been receiving calls from customers and dealers thanking us for the information that we've been providing on our updated website. New products are uploaded to our site as often as the new parts arrive!

I promise you'll be impressed with all of our custom suspension setups! Here is an overview:

Dirt Bike suspension has become better in recent years, however all riders and racers can benefit from a personal setup and Gold Valves.

models are becoming popular. They are in need of rebuildable and customizable suspension. Race Tech's G3-S Shocks and fork solutions provide the answers.

have recently come standard with rebuildable shocks making Race Tech custom Spring Kits, Gold Valves as well as complete G3-S Custom Shocks very popular with racers and weekenders.

are part of the largest newly registered motorcycle group. Race Tech's custom suspension provides solutions for both short and long journeys as well as double-up rides.

Sport Touring
riders frequently do the most mileage and can use suspension that performs for their riding. We have many fork and shock options for these models.

have become very popular with the camping and race crowd out west! Back east they are very versatile for cargo and utility use as well. Race Tech's custom suspension allows the user to make the most of their vehicle.

H-D and V-Twin
models need a lot of suspension attention. We have developed our G3-S Custom Shocks and Fork Kits to provide handling performance.

Sport Bikes
and road racing machines are often not balanced or setup nearly as well as they can be. Our range of custom solution options is impressive!

Vintage Road Racing
- Race Tech has products that provide performance far beyond what has ever been available for these bikes!

Vintage Motocross
brings us back to Race Tech's roots. Emulators, Gold Valve Kits and G3-S Custom Shocks provide solutions!


For a complete list of suspension, parts and tools for your bike please visit our product search for ATV, Dirt or Street. To find out more, please call 951.279.6655 or visit

Good luck and great riding,
Paul Thede

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